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Most people feel nervous on a date—even C-suite executives can stammer, fumble, and sweat bullets when going out with someone for the first time. If you’re new to sugar relationships and unsure of how this compares to vanilla dating or feel like your game is a bit rusty, don’t worry. Here are some quick tips to make your first date a sweet success!

Do Your Research

If you’re going on a date with your POT SB, you’ve probably had several conversations online and know some things about her. Her likes and dislikes, the restaurants she frequents, and the activities she pursues say a lot about her personality. 

You can take all of this information to pick a restaurant she’ll enjoy. Read reviews of your potential date spots—you don’t want loud dining rooms, places with excessive seating, or ones with display kitchens. You need a place conducive to conversation.

Be Punctual for Your Date

If you’re looking for an SB, you need to invest time in the process. Sure, you’re a successful executive with plenty of commitments. However, it’s never good form to leave a woman waiting! Schedule yourself to arrive 15 minutes ahead of time so you have some wiggle room. You don’t want to get caught up in traffic or at the office and miss out on your date.

When you arrive with time to spare, you can scan the menu or speak to the waiter or bartender beforehand. You can ask them to provide suggestions when she arrives. Arriving first also gives you the chance to pull her seat out for her and attend to her like a true gentleman.

Listen Attentively to Her

Conversation is a two-way street. Don’t try to hog the limelight—you should give and take with your POT. When you do all the talking, you’ll bore your companion. Be an active listener and be interested in what she is saying. It’s not a matter of simply waiting for your turn to speak. You need to show emotional investment in what she has to say.

Most SBs indeed find success and successful men attractive. However, you won’t win any points if you monopolize the conversation and use it to brag about your corporate achievements. It will do the exact opposite—alienate her and have her looking for the exit.

Flirting Should Be Natural

Subtle touching is one way to show your interest. Putting your hand on hers on the table or touching her shoulder after you push her chair in are good non-verbal cues that you like her. However, if you rely too much on touch, it might send the wrong message to your sugar date. She might think you do this to all your dates, which will make her doubt your sincerity.

Don’t Force Discussions on Arrangements

When you hit it off with your POT, your conversation might flow naturally into discussions about your arrangement. However, don’t feel pressured to bring this up during your first meeting. It is good to have your terms and expectations in mind, though, so you’re ready when the conversation does lead this way. Chances are, your prospective SB will have her own points to raise when it’s time to talk about these things.

Mind Your Manners and Follow Through

Walking your POT to her car, train station, or bus stop is a nice way to end the evening. It shows that you are looking after her safety and are interested in her beyond a first date. It’s also romantic, and all women want their date to sweep them off their feet, especially SBs!

If you enjoyed spending time with your date, you could follow up with a message later in the evening or the day after. You don’t have to write a long paragraph—a simple couple of sentences letting her know that you enjoyed your time together is a courteous, subtle way of showing her that you are interested in more dates.


Starting a sugar relationship follows a path similar to traditional ones. A couple goes on a date, hopefully hits it off, and goes on subsequent ones. Turn your POT into your sugar partner by treating her like a queen when you’re together—you won’t regret it!

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