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Dating apps and sites have conquered the modern dating scene, even for people with more distinct needs: gorgeous sugar babies and sugar daddies. Just as sugar babies have their various personalities and tastes, sugar daddies are the same.

So, if you are a sugar baby on the hunt for your perfect match, here is a quick list of some common types you might encounter as you seek a legit sugar daddy.

1. The All-Business Sugar Daddy

An all-business sugar daddy is perfect for sugar babies who are not looking for something serious. He doesn’t usually have the time that a serious relationship calls for, but he does enjoy having fun when his schedule frees up.

Usually, he needs someone with flexible availability but will not be clingy and needy whenever he’s away on business. You should be someone fun, passionate, mature, and classy—so you won’t shy away when he needs someone on his arm during corporate events.

2. The First-Time Sugar Daddy

Though you might expect a sugar daddy to be a sure player who is a master of the field, the situation might be slightly different if he is still testing out the waters. A first-time sugar daddy will be a mystery to unfold, as he is still trying to figure out what his standards would be. Sometimes, it might feel like he is hesitant and indecisive, but don’t worry too much as he will find his legs soon enough.

A first-timer sugar daddy is more open to new things than others, so take the time to communicate with him, establish your limits and boundaries, discuss your expectations, and enjoy the process!

3. The Ready-to-Wed Sugar Daddy

If you’re looking for something serious, then the ready-to-wed sugar daddy might be the perfect one for you. He is over the games and the chase, he wants something serious and someone to care for. Yes, he’s joining the chase one last time, but once he finds that girl, he’ll focus on making his sugar baby happy.

The ready-to-wed sugar daddy is the dream partner for the hopeless romantic—only because he is the same way, too! This type of relationship is one for the books. Not everyone encounters this type of partnership.

4. The White Knight

In a sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship, you usually expect something sexual. But that may be different when you meet the White Knight.

Most of the time, he is quite a bit older, with tons of money, but without anyone to spend time with. He’s the kind of person without a wife or children, so there’s no one around for him to spoil. The White Knight is looking for companionship—a sweet friend who’ll care for him and who he will spoil to bits in return.

5. The John

Directly opposite the White Knight, the John is a type you’ll encounter on some old websites but we pride ourselves on keeping Johns off of our website. Johns are really not sugar daddies at all in our view.

Final Thoughts

If you want a quality sugar relationship that will last a long time, you need to learn to make yourself the best sugar baby you can be. Remember, relationships are a two-way street, so that it is win-win for both of you..

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