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So you’ve found an awesome sugar daddy on SugarFetch who is a kind and generous source of stability in your life. One of the ways to keep him is to be interesting and entertaining. Perhaps you should also check our article about what sugar daddies look for in their sugar babies

Never let a dull moment ruin your chance to have the perfect sugar daddy! Your first date should be memorable and worthy of a second date. To make your first date with your sugar daddy a success, here are some exciting topics that you both can talk about:

1. Talk About Him

Let’s admit it. Generally, men like to talk about themselves. You can drive the conversation by asking him anything that will get him talking about himself. This way, you can learn more about his interests, lifestyle, and more. Who knows, you might have the same interests in life that can make your relationship click. 

2. Talk About Work

This topic may seem a little boring for you, but most sugar daddies devote themselves to working, making it an exciting topic for them. He will likely be enthusiastic about telling you his work achievements. Perhaps you can learn a tip or two if you’re running your own business or for your future career. For sure, he’ll be glad to give you some advice. 

3. Ask About His Hobbies

Your first date is the getting-to-know-each-other stage. Part of your topics should be about each other’s hobbies. You’ll learn more about a person by figuring out what they do for fun. Maybe you also have the same hobbies, making you both a perfect match for each other!

4. Tell Him Something About You

Again, first dates are your chance to get to know each other. Your sugar daddy will definitely like to learn about you, too. Tell him about your basic profile but make sure you are leaving a good first impression. You can also share something personal in your life and even play up a cute quirk that he can smile about when he remembers it. 

5. Share Your Hopes and Dreams with Him

Most sugar daddies you will meet are successful and intelligent. This factor is your cue to tell your potential sugar daddy that you also have goals in life. Sugar babies with motivation and determination are attractive to sugar daddies. 

6. Talk About Foods

Nothing will go wrong when you talk about food. Ask your sugar daddy about his favorite dishes and favorite types of cuisine. If you can cook, it’s a plus point to your profile! Showcase your talent in cooking and tell him that maybe someday, you can cook for him. You will definitely make him smile.


Landing with a perfect sugar daddy can only happen if you put in some effort as a sugar baby. You need to market yourself and get to know them by constantly communicating with them. Let them learn more about you, too, so that they can be comfortable, happy, and at ease with you. These are some of the topics you can talk about, so you’ll never have dull moments as you get to know each other.

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