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When it comes to online sugar dating, wit, and charm are never enough. You also need to beef up your vocabulary regarding the realm of sugar dating, especially if you are dreaming of becoming a sugar daddy. After all, communication is the key to a successful relationship—sugar, or otherwise. 

Communication works when you understand each other. So, start familiarizing yourself with these new words. Let this article be your glossary of sugar dating terminology:

The Sugar Dating Terms That You Need to Know

Here are the terms you would often encounter on any sugar dating site or app. Some of these terms are not only exclusive to sugar dating, so it would be helpful if you learn their meanings. 

  • Allowance: This term refers to a recurring sum of money that the sugar daddy provides their sugar baby. It is given in a regular time interval which depends on your agreement. Usually, the sending of allowance happens on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Arrangement: It refers to the straightforward kind of relationship that both parties aspire to have. It usually states the dos and don’ts, requests, and essentials of the sugar daddy and sugar baby. The objective is to meet halfway and make a compromise that both agree to.
  • BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism, Masochism): It is a term used to describe a particular aspect of sex and kink that can include dominance, submission, and control. This setup often involves physical restraints, controlled amounts of pain, and playing with power dynamics that takes place with the consent of both parties.
  • Hypergamy or Hypergamous: This word describes the practice of someone marrying a partner belonging to a much higher social and financial status than they see themselves in.
  • IRL (In Real Life): An acronym used in most chat exchanges. It literally means “In Real Life”, and in the sugar dating world, it refers to the life one has outside of the platform.
  • Long-Term Arrangement (LTA): Any relationship or arrangement that lasts more than six months is already considered long-term, at least in the online dating world.
  • Meet and Greet (M&G): If your partner asks you for an M&G, then you better get ready because they want to meet you in person. This stage usually determines the next step in the relationship or whether the other person wants to move forward with the connection.
  • Mutually Beneficial: This term describes dating wherein both parties benefit from the relationship. Benefits here are not exclusive to material things. It could come in many forms, such as financial assistance, companionship, intimacy, mentorship, and more.
  • Pay Per Meet (PPM): This term refers to the arrangement wherein a sugar daddy pays a predetermined amount of money every time they meet up with their sugar baby. However, this kind of setup is not allowed in most sugar dating sites.
  • Short-Term Arrangement (STA): Opposite of the LTA is the short-term arrangement which is usually counted not based on months or years but on the number of weeks. 
  • Sugar Bowl: This term is what is used to describe the lifestyle that sugar daddies and babies experience.
  • Sugaring: This is the other term for sugar dating, used to describe a person’s participation in a sugar relationship and sugar lifestyle. This is not to be confused with the hair removal solution similar to waxing. 


These words are some of the most important terms you must know before you enter the sugar dating world. If you already know most of these words, then you are ready to go out there and find your partner. If not yet, you will encounter them sooner or later and get familiar with them as you go along the process. 

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