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Connecting with someone online is genuinely a different experience. But when you’re ready to move offline and meet in person, it takes your connection to a whole new level. 

Meeting in person before deciding to take the next step is a move that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially since it sets the tone for the potential dates to come. It allows each individual to assess the other person’s generosity and personality. Going to a public place provides a sense of security, especially in a space that sparks excitement for both parties. 

With that in mind, what better way to do this than in a restaurant, right? When you dine in at a restaurant, you’ll know if the person is picky about the prices or if they want to treat you right. With that being said, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help elevate your sugar dates and impress your sugar babies. Let’s take a look!

Tip #1: Go to a High-End Restaurant 

Nothing will impress your sugar baby more than taking them to a luxurious, high-end restaurant. When you do this, it shows the caliber of your lifestyle and what they can expect when they spend their days with you.

Keep in mind that because of the pandemic, it’s best to research the venue before you make reservations. You want to ensure that the restaurant you’re going to is following COVID-19 safety protocols, so you and your sugar date feel safe. 

When you do a bit of research about the restaurant beforehand, you’ll get a sense of what the place is like and the mood it has. Getting to know your “playground” allows you to adjust pretty quickly when you arrive at the place. Not to mention, it’s plus points for you when you know what to order and what your sugar date might like!

Tip #2: Let Your Friend Know Where You’re Going

Before going on a sugar date, you need to make sure a friend knows your plan because safety is paramount. Let your friends know what time your date is, the restaurant you’re going to, and if your date is moving forward to something else. 

If you’re not comfortable telling someone about your lifestyle, you don’t need to mention that this is a sugar date. Instead, you can tell them that you’re going on a vanilla date instead. 

Tip #3: Pay for the Bill

As a sugar daddy, you need to impress your sugar baby, which means taking charge of the bill. When sugar dating, it’s expected that the sugar daddy pays — there is no 50/50 or that uncomfortable lingering feeling of whom will take care of the bill. 

Tip #4: Limit Your Alcoholic Drinks

Being drunk is not only unsafe, but it doesn’t leave the best impression. Besides not being impressive, it’s best to level up the sugar dating experience and keep things controlled and classy the rest of the night. 

The Bottom Line: Impress Your Sugar Baby on Your First Sugar Date

If you’re ready to take things to another level and meet your sugar baby for the first time, it’s best to keep these tips in mind to have a successful first sugar date. Trust us — you’ll be the best sugar daddy on their list.

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