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Whether you’ve always wanted to become a sugar baby or explore the exciting world of being a sugar daddy, you’ve got to know the terms, acronyms, and slang commonly used in the sugar bowl. If you’re new to the scene, you’ll want to be aware of these terms, especially when you’re on sugar blogs! That way, you’ll understand what you’re getting into, leaving no room for surprises.

There’s often an overlap between sugar dating and hypergamy dating, so you may encounter some of these terms in both communities. The more fluent you become in sugar slang, the more likely you’ll find success in the world of sugar dating. Here are the terms you need to know to get you started:

50/50 – This term refers to a man or a woman who believes that all parties in a relationship must equally split expenses, such as those in dates and bills, regardless of who earns more. It is also known as a 50/50 relationship.

Dusty – This is a man who does not make an effort to look presentable or physically attractive to attract a woman and keep dating her. He is often broke, lacks confidence, and believes in 50/50 relationships. The woman often finds herself paying more than her supposed equal share of expenses since a dusty is usually unemployed or constantly between jobs.

Findom – Short for ‘financial domination,’ this is a fetish where the submissive male has given his consent to be ‘forced’ to give his dominating mistress money by handing over cash or purchasing something she wants.

Freestyling – Going out to find a potential sugar daddy in their usual spaces, such as in hotel bars, the gym, fine dining restaurants, or even the supermarket.

Ghosting – This is when someone suddenly stops all communication without warning with another person. Ghosting can happen with a sugar daddy you met online or have had an arrangement with for a specific time. Essentially, someone who ghosts suddenly disappears.

Gift Daddy – A gift daddy is a sugar daddy who only wants to provide gifts in the sugar dating arrangement. These gifts can include designer items, nice dinners, and out-of-town trips. They usually aren’t willing to give an allowance or cash in an arrangement.

In the Wild – this is often used with freestyling since this means ‘in real life.’

Paypig – This is a derogatory or humiliating term for a submissive male who has agreed to be financially dominated by his mistress, related to findom.

Pickme – This is a woman who is desperate for attention from men by putting down other women, making herself look more ‘worthy’ or ‘attractive.’ These individuals are often characterized by trying too hard to cater to men and their desires.

Salt Daddy/Mommy – This is a man or a woman who pretends to be wealthy or generous to attract younger individuals. Sometimes they are truly rich, but they are excessively frugal and aren’t interested in spoiling their partners in any form. Their primary goal is to have sex with you, often making offers they don’t plan on fulfilling. 

Splenda Daddy/Mommy – This is a man or woman who wishes to spoil their partners and take care of their financial needs as much as possible, although they don’t have enough resources to do so to a great extent. They’re often charming and agreeable.

Sponsor – A sponsor is a man who has the funds to take their partner out on expensive dates, buy you extravagant gifts, and help financially support your life. They’re often willing to pay your rent, monthly expenses, or even significant expenses like a vehicle or a property.

Sugar – Short for a sugar baby. Its plural form, sugars, refers to a group of sugar babies.

Treat – This refers to a man who has the means to take you on nice dates to expensive restaurants, but they often cannot give you anything more than that.

Trick – This is a relatively wealthy man who can buy you designer items and help you with more minor bills. 

Vanilla – This is a ‘normal’ lifestyle that people who aren’t engaged in sugaring live. Related terms include ‘vanilla dating’ or ‘vanilla life.’


Knowing sugar slang is an essential part of being a sugar baby or daddy, as it helps you navigate the scene and find the perfect sugar daddy to suit your needs. The terms may be dizzying, but you’ll become fluent in no time and be well on your way to becoming an online sugar baby!

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