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Entering a sugar relationship means having a win-win relationship. As a sugar baby, you are expected to receive gifts and experience the finer things in life in return for your time and attention. Some of these gifts are in the form of exotic vacations, expensive dinner dates, and usually monthly allowances. This allowance is agreed upon by you and your sugar daddy. 

If you are having trouble determining how much your sugar baby allowance should be, this guide is for you.

How Much Do Sugar Babies Make?

The average sugar baby allowance is around the typical rent in one’s area. Sugar daddy monthly allowances also range from one thousand to five thousand dollars. We prohibit pay-per-meet arrangements (PPM). Larger allowances may be offered as time and relationship progress. 

How Do You Compute the Average Sugar Baby Allowance?

Despite the internet stating specific figures for the current average monthly allowance for sugar babies, keep in mind that this is subjective. To calculate for a reasonable allowance, determine the amount of money that provides for your needs and wants. It must also be affordable enough for the long run for your sugar daddy. Besides taking into account what emotionally feels right to you, you will have to consider your location, cost of living, and average income in your area. 

How Do You Negotiate For a Sugar Daddy Allowance?

Clear communication is needed between you and your sugar daddy when talking about your allowance. For this reason, both of you must be comfortable with discussing money, setting boundaries, and expressing clear expectations.

Have some wiggle room in your offer. If your sugar daddy refuses to engage in much negotiation or fails to meet your expectations, it’s worth moving on and looking for another potential sugar daddy.

When Should You Get Your Sugar Daddy Allowance?

You and your sugar daddy will have to figure out what works best for both of you regarding when you should get your allowance. The allowance can start on the first date or after a few dates, should you decide that a monthly arrangement is ideal for both of you. 

Regardless of your arrangement, it’s advisable to receive your allowance early in the relationship. This is because serious sugar daddies will not play games. They will make you feel comfortable right from the very start.

How Do You Receive the Sugar Baby Allowance?

Cash is the best way to receive your allowance. Besides eliminating any suspicion, reversing it or taking it back from you is not easy. That being said, beware of sugar daddies that ask for your bank information because they are likely scammers.


Since every passionate relationship is unique, every sugar baby’s allowance will be different. While there is no fixed amount of allowance, the best way to figure out how much you should receive is to consider how much would make you feel appreciated for the time and effort you are putting into your relationship. Consider your needs and wants, and don’t be afraid to ask for them. 

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