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Cherry-picking done right at an affordable price!

Finding the perfect sugar partner isn’t easy. We simplify the process for you, providing access to verified sugar babies who want the real sugar relationship of your dreams. SugarFetch is based on a pleasure-focused, drama-free policy that involves a carefully curated search of all the sugar babies on our service to get our sugar daddies exactly what they’re craving. Our service is built on the premise that you’ll find what you’re looking for quickly: no need for prolonged searches or endless conversations.

We promise no hidden fees, no secret charges, no extra protocols during or after the purchase! For a fixed price of $49.00 per month, we will provide you with the ultimate service and give you the exclusive perks of becoming a SugarFetch Daddy. It’s as simple as using your credit, debit, or prepaid card at checkout and seeing all that sugar pour into your life!


Our Sugar Daddy subscription is on a limited-time sale! Enjoy life’s sweet pleasures with our fully-verified sugar babies! Because of how effective we are at eliminating fraud we are able to use Stripe, which accepts all major cards including prepaid cards. The SugarFetch subscription confirms your Sugar Daddy status, giving you a customized experience to interact with all of the SugarFetch Babies – even anonymously.

$49.00 per Month.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How secure is the transaction?

SugarFetch guarantees secure processing through Stripe, a PCI Service Provider with the highest-grade payment processing security. The transaction will appear as “SuFe Media, LLC” on your credit or debit card statement and is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protected.

2. Is the transaction encrypted?

Your payment data is safely stored in Stripe’s data center. SugarFetch has no access to your credit or debit card numbers.

3. How do I cancel my subscription?

If you want to cancel your SugarFetch subscription, you can do so directly from your account or you can contact us at [email protected]. We provide a full refund even in cases when users forget to unsubscribe from our service. 

4. Can I request a refund?

If you’re unhappy with our service or would like a refund from SugarFetch for any other reason, contact us at [email protected]. First-time users of our service can be refunded if they’re unsatisfied with their subscription purchase. 

5. Can I use a Prepaid Card?

We use Stripe, which accepts prepaid cards.

6. Why is the service paid?

Lasting relationships don’t come easy. SugarFetch does live verifications for you and gives users the ability to find their perfect sugar match with an easy search, which is why we require a small charge for the service we provide. SugarFetch Daddies have the pleasure of picking through all the sugar babies on our website but finding the right one takes careful consideration and a detailed search. This is where we come in to give you those exclusive few perfect matches. It’s also why we encourage our Daddies to dish out as many details, preferences, and interests about themselves and why our success rate is so high when it comes to finding the perfect matches.

You can choose to use an anonymous prepaid card at checkout. Contact us if you would prefer to pay in cryptocurrency. is based in the United States.

Refund Policy:
Just contact us at [email protected] if you’re ever unhappy with our service for any reason, and we will take care of you. For example, if you forgot to cancel your subscription and haven’t been using our service, then we would be happy to provide a full refund. If you try out our service for a month and are unhappy with it, you can also be refunded.

Choose to subscribe to SugarFetch to get the most out of your sugar relationships!

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