If you haven’t heard the story, the recent news is that several women are reporting abuse of drug use, sex and payments after attending parties with Matt Gaetz and his colleagues.

As an American lawyer and politician, Matt Gaetz is now under public scrutiny and is facing several charges. Women are reporting having had to do several “sketchy” things when meeting Gaetz at parties, such as being told to put their phones away or being told they would be paid for taking drugs or having sex. The fact of the matter is, the core of what Gaetz was allegedly doing, and by that we mean hooking up with younger women and taking drugs, is not a new topic and we applaud him for trying to have a good time. We do wish he would have tried to do so through not only a more reliable source, but also one that is effective and safe.

This is why we created SugarFetch. To encourage men and women to date freely and have a safe (and enjoyable) time while doing so. Sugar dating with substance. One of the comments reported to Fox News after the allegations was “Providing for flights and hotel rooms for people that you’re dating who are of legal age is not a crime.” And yes Gaetz, we agree with you. People should stop worrying about what others think and if they want to start dating younger women and spoil them, they should be free to do so. However, using a platform that puts your needs first and ensures positive experiences on both ends is the safest way to do so. There are many websites and companies out there that claim to be the best in the sugar dating world and we understand the frustration of finding one that truly cares about whether you find your perfect match. Unless you are joining SugarFetch, you are joining the wrong platform.

Here at SugarFetch we face-ID all girls, which makes the platform a safer place keeping out underage girls.

Matt Gaetz has in fact inspired us to get our name out there even more, to find effective ways for those who are sugar dating to live out their dreams.

Join SugarFetch today and reveal all the possibilities.

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