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Sugar Dating Through the Years

Sugar dating may be having a “moment” right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s a new thing. In fact, the term “sugar daddy” is more than 100 years old. In 1908, a woman named Alma married into the Spreckel family, which had made a fortune in the sugar industry. Her husband was 24 years older than her, and she took […]

Sugaring in 2020

Let’s face it—dating, sugar or otherwise, is different this year. We’re all doing our best to social distance and navigate new social norms, and those norms definitely make dating harder. So how do you balance social responsibility with finding what you want? There are definitely ways you can do both. First off, video dating. I know, I know. It’s not […]

How To Shape Your Sugar Relationship

So you want to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy—good for you! There’s an exciting journey ahead of you as you seek what you’re looking for. It’s out there, I promise! But before you can find what you want, you need to decide exactly what that is. This might be a learning process as you experiment with different relationships […]

How To Be a Sugar Daddy

So you think being a sugar daddy might be for you. You enjoy beautiful company and the ability to provide and mentor women who might benefit from your wealth and experience. You are interested in trying new ways of dating in order to meet women you might not have met otherwise. However, if being a sugar daddy is new to […]

How To Be a Sugar Baby

So you think being a sugar baby might be for you. You enjoy the finer things in life—dinners, trips, gifts, luxurious experiences—and you like meeting people who can help you reach your goals. You aren’t satisfied with the status quo, traditional way of looking at relationships, and you’re motivated and ambitious enough to think outside the box and redefine what […]

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