So you want to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy—good for you! There’s an exciting journey ahead of you as you seek what you’re looking for. It’s out there, I promise! But before you can find what you want, you need to decide exactly what that is. This might be a learning process as you experiment with different relationships and find out where your comfort level is with sugar dating; that’s totally fine. But so you have at least a basic idea of what’s out there, here are a few common kinds of sugar dating paradigms you might come across in the wild.

Dates. There are a lot of sugar babies and sugar daddies looking for a sugar dating relationship that may be less involved and more intermittent, and may want to restrict the relationship to specific events and times. For example, a sugar daddy might be looking for a travel buddy or someone to take to a fancy event; on the flip side, some sugar babies are more comfortable keeping strict time boundaries on interaction within a sugar dating relationship.

Companionship. This is a more in-depth relationship with a sugar baby or sugar daddy. Usually, these kinds of sugar dating relationships are built up over time, and while different relationships certainly have different agreements and boundaries, you can expect this kind of relationship to encompass more consistent dates, communication, and contact than a more intermittent dating situation. If you are interested in building deep relationships rather than simply experiencing shorter events with your sugar daddy or sugar baby, but still aren’t looking for a full-on commitment, this type of sugar dating relationship might be for you.

Benefactors. This is probably as time-consuming as you can get in a sugar dating relationship. Some sugar daddies and sugar babies are looking for a pretty full commitment, which can take a few different shapes. Sometimes a sugar daddy will want to pay for much of his sugar baby’s lifestyle, from apartments to clothing to vehicles (depending on budget and boundaries.) Other sugar daddies and sugar babies may actually want to live with each other, and enter into a more permanent partnership than simply “dating”. If you’re more wired for commitment, and like stability, this type of sugar dating might be for you.

Different daddies and babies will have different preferences for how they prefer to be pampered. Figuring out what you want in the sugar dating scene may take time, but there’s no better way to do that than just giving it a try.

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