So you think being a sugar baby might be for you. You enjoy the finer things in life—dinners, trips, gifts, luxurious experiences—and you like meeting people who can help you reach your goals. You aren’t satisfied with the status quo, traditional way of looking at relationships, and you’re motivated and ambitious enough to think outside the box and redefine what your relationships can be. However, if being a sugar baby is new to you, it might be difficult to know where to start. Here are the basics.

Why sugar dating might be right for you. You’re a girl with goals. You know what you want, and you might not be finding that with non-sugar dating. You like luxury, and nice dinners, and new company, and gifts, and experiences. You’re open to the unfamiliar and trying new things.

What to look for. The first step to knowing where to start is deciding what you want. This is definitely a big topic, and it might not be something you know for certain right off the bat. We’re going to tackle this in more detail in another post. But the basics of what you need to know are that different sugar daddies are going to be looking for different things. Some might just want to take you on luxurious dates every now and then; others might want to be more involved in your life, sending you gifts and taking you on trips. It might be easiest to start with a sugar daddy looking for a smaller commitment and go from there. Be explicit about what you want; it’s easiest on everyone if you’re on the same page.

What to be careful of. There are a ton of great men out there looking for sugar relationships, and while most of them are good, serious people (especially on our site, where we vet everyone before you see them!), it’s always worth it to be cautious, particularly before you know someone well. The same rules apply for sugar dating as for regular dating—it’s always best to meet for the first time in a public space and let your friends know your plans, no matter how much you might be getting paid. Safety first!

To sum it up. Sugar dating, when you get down to it, really isn’t much different than regular dating. Everyone is looking for something different, and communication is key to forming good relationships. The only difference is an explicit monetary component that often doesn’t enter into non-sugar relationships. Feel free to explore and adjust your expectations as you learn—there’s a big, exciting world of sugar relationships out there to experience!

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