As in every relationship, traditional or otherwise, boundaries are imperative to the longevity of a sugar relationship. While you should undoubtedly stick to the boundaries that you have set and not push yourself beyond your comfort zone, these limits can change, progress, and grow depending on the relationship.

In the beginning of a relationship, you may feel that you want to only engage in conversation, texts, calls, etc., but as time goes on and your relationship grows, you may feel more and more comfortable within your relationship to where you are ready to progress to dates, adventures, or visits in person. Part of the reason that sugar dating is viewed as so intimidating to many, is because it can feel so rigid, serious, and rule-ridden. This does not have to be the case. Progression and growth on a personal level, and within the relationship is an integral part of these relationships. With an open mind, willingness to grow, and boundaries, a sugar relationship can thrive.

Some examples of boundaries that should be set from the very beginning include: whether or not this is going to be an exclusive relationship or if there are going to be other people, whether you are going to meet up in person or communicate only through the phone, whether or not your relationship can be public, how and how often you will communicate. These are only some examples, but it is imperative that you take a deep look at yourself, what you want, what you are comfortable with, and where you draw the line from the very start. Otherwise, you will find that you will lose yourself in an effort to do anything and everything you can to please your sugar daddy or sugar baby. While it is a great quality to put everything you have into a relationship, it can be draining and cause the relationship to end prematurely. In order to be sure that you are taking care of yourself and not pushing your limits, while also pleasing your partner, setting these boundaries and effectively communicating them from the very start is extremely important.

Because sugar relationships are sometimes kept secret between the sugar couple, it is very important that you are on the same page about what is and is not appropriate. You may not want gifts delivered, late night phone calls, or surprise visits, that may be where you set your boundaries. Be sure that you are not giving too much, beyond your boundaries. That is the key to a lasting sugar relationship.

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