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There are times when our schedule may not allow us to plan out a grand date for the person that we love. Despite our best efforts, we may have to settle with last-minute planning and improvisations to impress that special someone. However, as with most things that are rushed, there may be a tendency to mess it up, especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. 

If so, you may need to read up on a few tips when coming up with great date ideas in a short period of time. We’ve got you covered, as we had prepared a couple of simple, practical, yet unique last-minute date ideas for when you no longer have time to prepare:

1. Online Movie Date

If you have no time to plan for a movie date, you can bring the date right into your home—with the help of your laptop and a bag of popcorn from your local grocery. You can place the popcorn bag in the microwave oven and let her choose a movie from your online streaming subscription. 

Yes, it may not be as grand as an actual movie date, but it will always be the effort that counts, and if she sees that you were able to at least come up with something that’s creative, she will love you for it.

2. Coffee Date

No, we are not talking about those mainstream coffee shops you’d see on your way to work. If you happen to have a local coffee shop that has a homely feel to it and a cozy, scenic spot, then you may bring your date there instead. This is important, especially if you are looking for a quiet spot with more privacy. 

Aside from the fact that you will be able to talk to your date without too much background noise, you will also be able to recommend those sweet delicacies that you’ve been telling them about every time you’d drop by this coffee shop on the weekends.

3. Date at the Gym

It may not seem romantic at first glance; however, you will be able to interact more with your date if both of you work out together. Think about the experience of helping them out with their routines and their doing the same for you. This could even be a weekly ritual, with both of you pushing each other to the limit to get a fine physique.

4. Lunch Date

When we first mentioned your not having enough time to prepare for the date, we meant it. In such a case, you will arrange it by giving your date a call and inviting them over for a lunch break. For example, if your offices are nearby. Pick out a nearby cafe and exchange stories for an hour. It is not as romantic as the other examples, but it may give you both enough time to catch up.

5. Dog Walk Date

If both of you are pet lovers, then chances are, each of you might have dogs or cats at home. In which case, you can invite them for a short walk around the park, bringing along your pets. Not only will this bring you closer, but it will also familiarize both of you with each other’s pets.


Although you’re busy with work, you can still plan out a modest date that both of you can enjoy. It will all depend on the timing and the type of date that you have in mind. You can either go to a cafe, stream a movie at home, or walk your pets in the park. Whichever your pick, you have all the opportunities in the world to impress your date. After all, It’s the thought that counts.

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